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The Credit People
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  • 3 Payments of $99 – $19 Setup Fee
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  • A+ BBB Rating
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  • Served Over 100,000 Clients
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The Credit People Review

Since they began in 2001, The Credit People have helped over 100,000 clients fix their financial situations with credit repair services. They’ve had positive exposure through financial news outlets and are well rated by the Better Business Bureau. They offer free credit reports, a flat rate fee, and low startup costs, all of which make this company a favorite for many.

What They Offer

Using Score Driven Results, The Credit People help customers beyond simple disputes and deletions. They go the distance to help get credit scores up for their customers and they use a variety of tactics to make this happen. Here are some of them:

  • Get intervention help if you need to pass a credit check to find a new housing situation or a new job.
  • Get regular updates on your credit score.
  • Receive letters of reference.
  • Access your credit repair information any time, day or night.
  • Take advantage of their support to get your questions answered quickly.

What It Costs

Rather than charging monthly fees or fees for each item removed from your credit report, The Credit People have just a few flat fees, as follows:

  • Account setup fee: $19 charged at the beginning of the service.
  • 3 payments: $99 each, which gives you access to the full suite of services.
  • Free: credit report retrievals from Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.
  • Free: credit scores from each of the three credit bureaus.

Frequently Asked Questions about The Credit People

When it comes to choosing the right credit repair company, it’s natural to have questions about the service. Here are some of the most common questions we get about The Credit People.

How can The Credit People repair my bad credit?

The Credit People provides effective disputes of questionable negative items on your credit reports with the three credit bureaus. They have experienced credit repair specialists who handle every aspect of the credit repair process from ordering your credit reports to handling the disputes at each bureau.

How do I sign up with The Credit People for credit repair?

You can sign up for credit repair services with The Credit People at their website or over the phone by calling (866) 875-1478.

How long does it take The Credit People to repair bad credit?

According to their website, most people see initial results within 30-60 days. However, depending on how many inaccurate negative items you have on your credit report it may take longer to completely repair your credit.

Are there any guarantees?

The Credit People does offer a satisfaction guarantee for their work. If you aren’t satisfied with the work they do, to repair your credit you don’t pay for that month. If you choose their flat-fee pricing, you get a six-month satisfaction guarantee with the work they perform.

Can The Credit People remove (a bankruptcy, student loans, late payments, repossessions, hard inquiries, paid collections, judgments, charge offs, etc.) from my credit reports?

The Credit People can remove any inaccurate negative item on your credit reports. Consumer protection laws like the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) guarantee your right to an accurate credit report, free of any mistakes. That means if there are errors with a bankruptcy, a charge-off, or any other negative item, you have the right to dispute it.

Could deleted items be added to my credit report again after they’ve been removed by The Credit People?

This is very unlikely. Credit reporting laws make it difficult to add a negative item again after it’s been removed by the credit bureaus. While it can happen in very rare occasions, the vast majority of deletions are permanent.

Where is The Credit People located?

The corporate office for The Credit People is located in Orlando, Florida. Their full address:

The Credit People
7380 Sand Lake Road
5th Floor PMB 5225
Orlando, FL 32819

How much does The Credit People charge for credit repair?

There are two pricing plans for The Credit People – month to month, and a flat-rate membership. The monthly service starts with a 7-day trial for $19. If you decide to continue, the cost is $59 per month. The flat-rate membership costs $299 and covers six months of credit repair work.

Both options include unlimited disputes, debt validation, inquiry validation, and communication with your creditors on your behalf.

Is there a discount for family members or couples who subscribe to The Credit People?

The Credit People has as a discount for couples who sign up for the monthly plan. If your spouse signs up within three days of your initial order, they will take $20 off the first month of your monthly fees for both of you. There is no additional discount on their flat-fee pricing as it is heavily discounted.

What is The Credit People’s phone number?

The number to contact The Credit People for questions or to sign up is (866) 875-1478.

What are the call hours for The Credit People?

The Credit People are open 24/7 and are always available to help you with questions you might have.

How do I cancel credit repair service from The Credit People?

You can cancel credit repair services by contacting The Credit People directly by phone or mail for full cancellation procedures. Thanks to their satisfaction guarantee, you only pay for work that you are happy with and are never locked into a contract.

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